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Minimalist Series

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* Maximum wrist size available up to 22cm
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Amethyst's Benefits


The Purple Amethyst is known as a powerful stone. It resonates at a high frequency, enough to provide a bubble of positive energy as spiritual protection against negative energy. Its positive energy invites peacefulness, harmony, and contentment, that altogether strengthen inner-self’s emotion and stability. This stability and inner strength emotion not only helps one hold firm in life, but it can open up higher consciousness to enhance wisdom, resilience and relatability. To find out more about Amethyst Stone’s benefits, Click Here.

Amethyst can be found all over the world like North America, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Siberia, Sri Lanka and Uruguay.

Stone: Amethyst | Wrist Size: Tailor-Made-to-Order | Metal Finishing: Stainless Steel Silver/ Gold Plated (Light)/ Rose Gold Plated (Light)