Lapis Lazuli – GOLD MINIMALIST 8MM (L)


Minimalist Series

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Lapis Lazuli's Benefits


Geologically speaking, Lapis Lazuli is classified as a rock, not a mineral, because it is made up of various minerals. Lapis is an excellent stone for psychologists, executives and journalists. It helps to stimulate wisdom and good judgment in the ever-changing world. It aids one’s intellectual for financial analysts, historians, archaeologists, lawyers and creates new ideas for creative professionals like inventors and writers. Lapis is also a stone of protection, guarding against psychic attacks as it quickly releases stress, restore calmness and peace. It encourages self-awareness and self-expression. To find out more about Lapis Lazuli Stone’s benefits, Click Here.

Lapis Lazuli is primarily found in northeastern Afghanistan. Contributing to Arghan’s deposits, it can also can be found in Chile, Russia and Siberia. Smaller amount are mined in Angola, Argentina, Burma, Canada, India, Italy, Pakistan and United States.

Stone: Lapis Lazuli | Wrist Size: Tailor-Made-to-Order | Metal Finishing: Stainless Steel Silver/ Gold Plated (Light)/ Rose Gold Plated (Light)