Pixiu – Yellow Tiger Eye Silver Opulence 10mm (S)

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* Maximum wrist size available up to 22cm
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Pixiu's Benefits


Pixiu (貔貅) aka Tian Lu (天禄), is an ancient Chinese mythical creature that resembles a majestic winged lion with two large fangs and the antlers of a Chinese dragon. One story of the Pixiu says that he is one of the 9 Sons of the Dragon King, an extremely auspicious and powerful celestial creature believed to travel throughout the heavens and the earth. Pixiu wards off evil spirits and possesses an affinity for gold and silver, often depicted with gold in its mouth. Pixiu is a powerful protector in Feng Shui. In Ancient China, Pixiu is known as the Emperor’s Treasure (帝宝) from its role in guarding the fortunes of the Emperors. Enshrined as the guardian of the fortunes, Pixiu can be found on the four corners of the roofs of houses, palaces and especially the Halls of the Chinese Emperor. To find out more about Pixiu’s benefits, Click Here.

Pixiu: 925 Silver | Stone: Yellow Tiger Eye | Wrist Size: Tailor-Made-to-Order | Metal Finishing: Stainless Steel Silver

Images of the raw stones are for Illustrations Purposes Only. Please do take note and allow slight colour difference due to individual screen settings on each device.
No two stones are the same. All our natural stones have its own unique distinctiveness and characteristics. Therefore, the size, weight, pattern and colour can vary just a little.
Each order will be carefully packed in an Exquisite Bracelet Box. We specially include a Jewelry Cleaning Cloth for you to maintain the Quality of the bracelet.