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Manifest Series

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* Maximum wrist size available up to 22cm
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Sodalite's Benefits


Sodalite is blue, reminding an observer of a great waterfall or the infinite skies. When we go by the understanding of Feng Shui and the Five Elements, water is known as the solution to fire. The powerful force of the waterfall represented by the Sodalite helps you to effectively put out the intense fire from within. However for those who may be defensive, or sensitive, one must have the patience to accept truths about yourself. To find out more about Sodalite Stone’s benefits, Click Here.

Sodalite can be found in Magnet Cove of Arkansas, northern Namibia, Columbia, Ontario; Kola Peninsula of Russia; and West Greenland.

Stone: Sodalite | Wrist Size: Tailor-Made-to-Order | Metal Finishing: Stainless Steel Silver