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Garnet is a stone of energy and has the abilities of healing, purification, and actualization. It has the power to purify the energies in your body by eliminating the toxins and reinstate your body to a revitalized and rejuvenated condition. It cleanses your mind, inner-self and spirit, releasing guilt, shame, and hurt, so that you may move on with a greater sense of purpose and acceptance of yourself.

When discussing garnets, the image that usually comes to mind first is that of the dark garnet, also known as the pyrope garnet, which is one of six types of garnets.

With its loving energies connected to the Root Chakra, the stone monitors and optimizes the flow of energy to your psychic center, enhancing and stabilizing your efforts in all realms that you may want to put your energies into. To that end, the garnet occupies many niches: self-empowerment, balance, inner strength, sexual awareness, charisma and vitality.

For some women, the garnet might also come in handy to balance you during the “Moon times” every month.

In other areas, the garnet is also a stone of wealth. When applied to build mental strength for professions, careers, and enterprises, it inspires wisdom, discipline, and motivation, while keeping away things that are bad for you. Garnet keeps a person humble and grateful. Garnet also has the energy to help increase business opportunities and dealings. The power of a top quality Garnet attracts more abundance and prosperity in one’s life. It also has an exquisite glow which makes it one of the most beautiful stones you’ll ever see.

You can clean your garnet with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Always make sure you rinse the soap off the stone well after washing it. Ultrasonic treatments may also be used for any garnets except the demantoid variety. Do not steam clean your garnet. As with other stones, one should take care of their garnet and protect it from sharp blows, harsh temperatures and chemicals.


Garnets are a group of Silicate Minerals that were used as a gemstones since 3200 BC. These are the types of garnet group endmember species:

  • The Pyralspite group – Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine and Pyrope-Spessartine
  • The Ugrandite group – Andradite, Grossular, Uvaro
  • The Less common species – Knorringite

The garnet group is made of gemstones in different colours including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colourless, with red as most common. Garnet was named after the pomegranate, a fruit with red flesh around its seeds. The pomegranate is kown in Latin as “Garanatus,” aka “seed-like.” It is also the birthstone for January. It is a symbol of eternal friendship and trust, making Garnet gemstone a perfect gift for a close friend.





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