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Sodalite is a stone strong in Truth and Logic. It promotes inner peace, connecting the mind, the heart and the sky, bringing peace to a new level. Sodalite is attributed for its ability to resolve differences, enhance positivity and inspire logical thinking. Sodalite has a way of somehow whispering softly to your mind: “Everything is going to be okay! Just calm down and think logically!” Many regard Sodalite as one of the Earth’s most powerful filters of negative energies, leaving you with positive motivational energies to start and end the day.

Sodalite is blue, reminding an observer of a great waterfall or the infinite skies. When we go by the understanding of Feng Shui and the Five Elements, water is known as the solution to fire. The powerful force of the waterfall represented by the Sodalite helps you to effectively put out the intense fire from within. However for those who may be defensive, or sensitive, one must have the patience to accept truths about yourself. Be prepared to throw out years of accumulated negative thoughts and energies. But do not fear! With Sodalite by your side, you will heal your mind by gaining positive energies to usher in inner peace and fill the void.

Sodalite is a good companion in your Guanxi (Relationship) journey. Have it by your side for building trust, friendship, especially in your business networks. It helps to promote serenity and goodwill with the people that you work with. In the most practical areas of business, you would appreciate the pragmatism and logic that Sodalite can inspire. You will see ways of getting along, creat visions and missions with your business partners, creating greater value in ventures. You will be able to keep your professional relationships calm, focused and full of good vibes!

The power of Sodalite applies on a personal basis, to even love and relationships. It helps to reduce unhealthy emotional thoughts, improve your mood, clear misunderstandings and attune you to love and affection. Sodalite’s aura will make you more effective in showing your true feelings to your loved ones.


Sodalite is a Chatoyant gemstone (Metamorphic rock). It belongs to the oxide mineral class and the quartz group. The intensity of the brownish red in the Tiger Eye depends on the level of oxidation that occurs in it.

This semi-precious stone will ignite your inner self with confident so that you can accomplish well in your career/ business, execute any assignment, and communicate to anyone with agility.





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